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A unique memorial in a meaningful location

Life Treasury is a unique opportunity to place the ashes of your loved one in a location that is meaningful to you and your family. Whether that is a Church; Cathedral; local Iconic Building or your own home.

Ashes are placed in a secure urn unit within a hand-crafted Life Treasury Book, along with a personal photo memory book, created by you and your family at your convenience and a keepsake box for non-valuable items that remind you of your loved one such as your order of service from the funeral, awards, letters and any loose photographs not in the memory book, or even their glasses.



Life Treasury, along with your funeral director will guide you through the process making it as simple and stress-free as possible.



Each Life Treasury book has the name, date of birth and date of death of your loved one embossed in gold on the spine of the book and can be locked in to a Library of Life bookcase for privacy and security.

Please do contact us to find out more and where your nearest Library of Life may be opening.

Gone but not forgotten: The Library of Life



What Life Treasury offers you

  • Allowing memories of your loved one and their ashes to be laid to rest in a meaningful setting aiding reflection and remembrance

  • A unique, respectful and beautiful memorial

  • Allowing families to tell the story of their loved one’s life

  • More cost effective than a traditional burial in many areas

  • Long-term certainty – our National Life Treasury will hold all ashes not collected after the initial term for a minimum of 100 years if not renewed or collected

  • Convenient and flexible – can be moved to another Life Treasury location

  • Offers additional options for those who do not wish to have ashes in their home but do not want the lack of memorial often associated with scattering ashes



Creating memories, preserving our heritage

In purchasing a Life Treasury Book for your loved one, you are also assisting in preserving the wonderful heritage we have in the UK.

Over 50% of the cost of the Life Treasury Book placement fee is gifted to the Library of Life location to assist with funding vital repairs and maintenance to the building. The remaining proceeds fund the project and the National Life Treasury where the ashes will be kept after the placement, should you wish.

Life Treasury also has another trust called the “Life Treasury Foundation” which raises funds for those in severe funeral poverty. So, when you are doing something truly lovely for your own loved one, you’re also helping others.

Life Treasury is such a wonderful idea. Our local Church meant so much to my father and to know his story will live on within it, give us all such peace and pleasure
— Emma Simpson

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