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Life Treasury

Life Treasury provides you and your family with the opportunity to place the ashes of your loved one in one of our iconic and beautiful Library of Life venues. Ashes are placed in a specially designed concealed urn unit within a beautiful hand-crafted Life Treasury Book along with a personal photographic memory book, created by you and your family at your convenience and a keepsake box for non-valuable items that remind you of your loved one such as, order of service from the funeral, awards, letters and any loose photographs not in the memory book. The book is then placed in a location that is meaningful to you and your family or can remain at home with you on a book case for your family to continue to share and enjoy those special memories.


‘Capture treasured memories and create a special legacy for your family’


Life Treasury, along with your funeral director will guide you through the process making it as simple and stress-free as possible. 

Losing Dad was a big shock. Life Treasury presented our family with an opportunity to learn more about his life, remembering, sharing and creating a memoir that future generations will enjoy reading as much as we do. The Life Treasury Book is a wonderful celebration of life that offered us a solution regarding Dad’s wishes to be cremated.
— Mrs. B


Creating memories, preserving heritage, celebrating life after death

Life Treasury is a national project, designed for bereaved families and friends, offering a unique answer for your loved ones ashes, also creating a respectful and special memory that can be shared and celebrated amongst all those who shared their life.

Whilst supporting families, Life Treasury also provides the much loved locations with support to maintain the buildings so they can be enjoyed by future generations.


A message from our Founder

Family is at the very core of Life Treasury. The initial concept was sparked by my longing for an appropriate setting to place the ashes of my beloved parents who sadly passed away a few years ago and a conversation around fund-raising with a friend of mine who works for a beautiful Cathedral that unfortunately, like many other heritage buildings struggles to raise enough funds to keep its doors open to the public. 

Part of our learning over the past few years was how wonderful it would be for people to also have the opportunity to capture their own life journey to leave as part of their legacy … therefore we have built this option into Life Treasury. Additionally, we are now able to offer the Life Treasury Home Book for families who wish to place their loved ones at home, yet still benefit from the Life Treasury Book concept.

We wish you and your family all the very best and hope you can experience much contentment in creating and celebrating your special memories.


Dean Draper, Founder

Dean Draper, Founder


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