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FAQs General

Life Treasury’s Library of Life, is categorised as a Columbarium, however, not as traditionally known. The Life Treasury Library of Life is in the style of a bookcase to ensure it is in keeping with its surroundings and looks appealing. Life Treasury “niches” are 1/3 of the size of a traditional columbaria niche, saving space as this is an important factor to consider. Each “urn” is in the style of a book, and the spines of the books have inscribed the decedent’s name, DOB and DOD. 

The church property has traditionally been the final resting place of the bodies of deceased members of the Christian community. Burial within the church itself or in the adjacent churchyard was once common practice. The amount of land necessary for a burial ground is no longer available to most churches and a myriad of laws and regulations make it extremely difficult to establish a burial site. In recent years, cremation with inurnment of the ashes, rather than burial, has become more common. In addition, many people today are turning to cremation as an economical, dignified way to address the rising costs of funerals. In this way, the remains of the deceased can remain at the church that played such an important part in their lives, or simply because it’s a beautiful place.

We believe a Cathedral or Church should be inclusive to all and therefore the Library of Life should be for all, whether the decedent was a member of the congregation or not, and only those who are barred from the premises or their placement may cause disrepute to the venue may not be placed within the Library of Life at a particular Church or Cathedral. For avoidance of doubt, only human remains may be placed in the Library of Life.

Arrangements are made through one of Life Treasury’s approved Funeral Directors. The Funeral Director will send the application form to the Church or Cathedral for approval, once approved by the venue, the bespoke “Life Treasury Book” will be made and sent to the Funeral Director to place the ashes within the sealed urn unit. The Funeral Director will liaise with the family and the venue’s named contact to organise a date and time for the family to place the Life Treasury Book into the Library of Life. It is at the discretion of the venue and the family whether to provide a committal service at this point.

Life Treasury undertakes the obligation to care for the Life Treasury Book perpetually, funded by the sale of the books. This means that after the placement at the Cathedral or Church, the family will be offered to either renew the placement, have the book returned to them to do as they wish (in many cases, at this point, families may be ready to bury ashes), or for the Book to be sent to the National Life Treasury to be held in a Library style format, similar to that in the Church or Cathedral for at least 100 years.

A place may be reserved via Life Treasury at the cost of 50% of the annual placement cost. Places can be reserved for a variety of durations- 5, 10, 25, 50 or even 100 years. If the person whom reserves the place passes away, the remainder of the placement shall be credited against their full placement.

When placed, the bookcase and row will be noted within the families Life Treasury log-in along with a diagram. For example, if the Cathedral has 4 bookcases, each will be given a letter, along with the shelves being numbered, therefore, a book might have the location code A4, meaning Bookcase A, row 4. If the book is placed in the wrong place, this can be moved back by the Church contact or Life Treasury Associate on a quarterly check.

Life Treasury has set the prices with much research into the cost of Columbaria placement, and the alternatives such as burial fees. The costs are reflected by the prestige of the Life Treasury Book and the establishment the Library of Life resides. The prices are also set to make it a viable offering from LT and the Cathedral / Church to ensure the Library and Books are properly maintained. This is reviewed from time to time and adjustments may be made for future placements.

Yes and no. These are today’s prices and may be changed at any time with 30-days notice. However, once a Life Treasury Book and placement has been purchased, there will be no further charges. If you would like to renew the placement at the end of the term, the price will be at the market rate at that time. To avoid any further charges and hassle, we encourage families to purchase a longer placement at the beginning, should their finances allow this.

The book has been designed for the ashes of one (large) person. Should a surviving spouse wish to reserve the space next to their loved one, this is possible. If this is not an option at the time financially, when the second spouse is being placed in the Library of Life, the first spouse can be moved so that they are together. The same goes for other family members.

The books are placed in the bookcase in chronological order of placement or reservation. Should a surviving spouse wish to reserve the space next to their loved one, this is possible. If this is not an option at the time financially, when the second spouse is being placed in the Library of Life, the first spouse can be moved so that they are together. The same goes for other family members.

Life Treasury maintains the records of which decedent’s Life Treasury book is where and for how long. They maintain the record of the Next of Kin (to whom is contacted to remind them to visit the Library of Life and nearing the end of the placement where they are given the option to renew).

On each Life Treasury book (on the spine) will have the Name, DOB and DOD of the decedent within the urn unit. Each book will also have a unique identity code for the use of Life Treasury in locating a specific book.

The building must display opening hours clearly on your website and inform Life Treasury for display purposes on their website. All visitors should conduct themselves in accordance with customary respectful decorum.

In many cases (except when space is an issue), the Libraries of Life are designed in such a way that they can be easily expanded. When the bookcases are forecast to be full, further bookcases will be installed. If in the case that the bookcase cannot be extended, a place should come available as each placement is on a “term” basis of 5+ years. In these instances, a waiting list shall be created.

We suggest that flowers or plants, real or artificial, are not permitted to be placed around the Library of Life at any time, with the following sole exception: on the day of a placement (i.e., the placing of an Life Treasury Book in the Library of Life), flowers or plants may be placed in an appropriate place within the establishment; such flowers or plants may be removed on the following day. The placing of any items, such as toys, signs, wreaths, ornaments or any other article is not permitted near the Library of Life. Any of these items may be removed without notice. Nothing of either a permanent or temporary nature shall be placed around the Library of Life without written consent.

FAQs Churches & Cathedrals

In 2017, the Canon Law was clarified by the Church of England stating that the deposit of cremated remains in a columbarium is in principle lawful.

The Catholic Church have permitted cremation since 1963 and have since (2016) given a statement suggesting that when cremation is chosen, the ashes must be laid to rest in a sacred environment.

Providing a respectful and beautiful resting place for the memories of those loved and lost. A place in one of Life Treasury’s Library of Life is priced so that there are options for all. The ambiance of the Library creates a comfortable meeting place for families and friends to gather in love and remembrance, a consoling link between life and death. Inclusion of the congregation in memorialising their loved ones in an appropriate and meaningful setting is expected to have great benefits for their grief process. Congregations will also benefit from the funds associated with the Library of Life, as improvements to the Church or Cathedral will indirectly benefit all involved. Additionally, should the funds be used for events for the congregation, they will also benefit from these. Please see the “importance of memorialisation publication for more information”.

There is a several (simple) staged process for the installation of the Library of Life:

  • Book a meeting with your Area Associate.
  • Sign contracts with Life Treasury for the installation of the first bookcase.
  • Our carpenter will visit and design a bookcase.
  • You will be provided with a temporary shelf to get started quickly - you are ready for placements to happen.
  • This will be signed off by yourselves (and the DAC/ FAC as required).
  • It will take c.6 weeks to build the bespoke bookcase. During this time, your area associate will visit your local funeral directors and set them up to offer placements at the Library of Life. The funeral director will then do everything to arrange each placement, just needing a contact at your Church or Cathedral to send the application form to and arrange placement with.
  • The bookcase will be installed and your existing placements can be transferred.
  • Your Area associate shall be your contact for any questions or issues you may have. They will provide you with leaflets for your parishioners.

Life Treasury will provide for continuing care and maintenance of the Columbarium. With records of each Life Treasury Book including interment rights agreement, Reservation Form and Library of Life “map”. The Church or Cathedral are responsible for the day-to-day care of the Library of Life including dusting. The integrity of the Bookcase is the responsibility of Life Treasury, however, it is the responsibility of the Church or Cathedral to inform their Area Associate of any damages.

FAQs Funeral Directors

There is a simple process:

  1. Book a meeting with your Area Associate (a person whom is associated with Life Treasury in the region your office is in).
  2. Sign contracts with Life Treasury to become an approved partner.
  3. You will be given a log-in to view your local establishments and the customers you have in the process, along with the funds due to your office. You will also be given a log-in html code to add on to your website (very easy copy and paste) so your customers can log-in to their LT space through your website (if you wish to keep your customers on your page).
  4. Your Area associate shall be your contact for any questions or issues you may have. They will provide you with leaflets for your clients.

There are a number of small tasks we ask the Funeral Director to complete in order to make the service smooth, worry free and professional for the family. These include the following:

  • Offering Life Treasury as an option to families where the decedent is to be cremated (informing them of the options – straight to NLT, local and non-local Library establishments).
  • Taking payment (as part of Funeral Package).
  • Assisting family with application form and sending to LT.
  • Once approved, send LT the Name, DOB, DOD to be on the spine of the Life Treasury Book (to be confirmed by the family).
  • Showing the family where they can create their memory book.
  • Accepting delivery of Life Treasury book and memory book.
  • Placing ashes within the urn unit inside the Life Treasury Book

FAQs Families & Loved Ones

Upon receipt of a contract for placement, it is the intention of Life Treasury to provide a place in an alternate Library of Life, closer to their new location should they wish to move it. At the time of moving, a range of closer Libraries of Life will be offered. If none of these are deemed suitable, we suggest keeping the Life Treasury Book at the original venue until a more desirable venue is opened. New Libraries of Life will be opened throughout the country on a regular basis.

Yes, of course. The cost of this is £595 and includes the “final rest” whereby if/ when the family no longer wish to hold the ashes at home, they can send them to the National Life Treasury to be looked after for a minimum of 100 years.

Yes and No. The Life Treasury Books will be placed in to the bookcase in an orderly “first come, first serve” basis. A spouse or family member may request to be placed next to a loved one, and the original book will be moved so that the two (or more) can be placed together. If a place becomes available in the Bookcase (due to a short placement or moved Book), this available place can be selected by a new Purchaser.

There is a simple process:

  1. Book a meeting with your chosen approved Funeral Director. Click here for current list.
  2. Choose the placement location and duration that suits your wishes, location and financial budget. From our experience, people like to choose a generational length placement.
  3. Fill out Life Treasury’s application form and make payment to your Funeral Director.
  4. You will be given a log-in to view the status of your Life Treasury Book, to create your memory book and to confirm the location of your Life Treasury Book.
  5. Once the bespoke Life Treasury Book is ready and you have created your memory book, this will be sent to your Funeral Director who will liaise between yourselves and the Library of Life venue to organise placement of the book.

The cost of the book including National Life Treasury placement for after the term at the Church, Cathedral or Iconic Building is £595. The cost of placement depends on the venue (and the pricing tier of the venue) selected. You will be given a costings profile for each Tier and a list of establishments belonging to each Tier by your funeral director, or please contact us directly for full list.

Fees will be used for the construction, care maintenance and any other costs associated with placing your Life Treasury Book in the Life Treasury Library of Life. A proportion of the cost of the Life Treasury Book is called the NLT “Final Rest” fee which is ring-fenced into a Trust to ensure long-term funds for the maintenance of the books in perpetuity. Along with this, the fees will be used to provide funds for the Church for works such as repairs to the building, maintenance, services etc. The funeral director is paid for his assistance and work. The remainder goes towards building the Library of Life and future Libraries. A proportion of the cost may go to your local parish church or to the Life Treasury Foundation.

  • Having a memorial which is unique, special and respectful
  • In most cases, less expensive than a traditional burial
  • Having somewhere wonderful and meaningful to visit and pay your respects
  • Knowing the Life Treasury Book will be looked after even after the placement has finished
  • Ability to move the Life Treasury Book to another Library of Life if necessary

The purchaser is purchasing both the Urn unit “Life Treasury Book” and the "interment rights" for a space within the bookcase in a Church or Cathedral – the right to place cremated remains in a Life Treasury book, in that bookcase, for the period of time agreed (by the fees paid). They acquire no other interest or rights in the bookcase, columbaria, cemetery or Church / Cathedral. The entire bookcase remains the sole property of Life Treasury. The purchaser also has the right to place the book for eternity* within our National Life Treasury.
*Minimum of 100 years

The majority of the book’s internal space will be taken up by the urn unit and the memory book. There are two additional boxes where the family can place items to remember their loved ones by. We advise to not place any items of financial value inside the Life Treasury Book internal boxes.

Do talk with your family about your desire to be cremated. You can make those wishes known in the form of a legal document such as your will, living trust or in documents designed to help plan and prepare your funeral. 

This is a personal choice. Many people choose to be inurned in a columbarium at their church or Cathedral, because of a strong desire to be laid to rest on the grounds of somewhere that they loved and served or somewhere beautiful and appropriate. Also, the fee for being placed in a Library of Life is usually less than the cost of interment in a cemetery. Other factors that may influence your decision to choose internment in a columbarium are concerns about the environment, space available in a cemetery, and the flexibility cremation offers in ceremony planning and in the disposition of the remains.

A Life Treasury Book purchase includes: One Life Treasury Book which is inscribed with the decedent’s name, date of birth and date of death. One memory book (as per the design of the Next of Kin, one small keepsakes box and one A5 size keepsakes box, one sealed urn unit for the ashes (ashes will be placed in to the urn unit by the Funeral Director), a place within our National Life Treasury in perpetuity (whether this is used or not is up to the family) and the placement within your chosen Library of Life (which determines the cost of the package).

Of course, the Life Treasury Book and placement can be purchased without ashes if you no longer have the ashes but would like a memorial. The internal urn unit can be replaced with a box to house any additional keepsakes you may wish to store in the Life Treasury Book.