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Creating memories, preserving our heritage

Life Treasury is a unique opportunity that combines sustainable fundraising for Cathedrals and Churches whilst offering a meaningful and special memorial for families facing bereavement.

Our beautiful hand-crafted, personalised urns in the form of a book are safely locked in to bespoke bookcases, designed to complement your building and existing fixtures and fittings. The Life Treasury Book is the secure final resting place for your parishioners, containing a hidden urn unit for ashes, a personalised photo memory book and keepsake box.

No Cost. No Administration

Life Treasury not only fund the bookcases but also deal with all the related administration and organisation.

All we ask of you is

To provide a place for those loved and lost, to help families ensure their memories live on.

I approached Life Treasury to explore the possibility of introducing the concept into our Cathedral. From the initial conversation I was impressed with the professionalism of all involved, the breadth of understanding of Church of England procedure, and the willingness to engage in some of the more complex questions and challenges we threw into the discussions was encouraging.


Needed now more than ever

The British public believes historic buildings such as Cathedrals and Churches are important to protect for the future. The UK’s religious heritage is a unique part of our national story and unfortunately, they are expensive to keep in the condition the public wish to see them in. Our ageing Cathedrals and Churches require more and more finances to fund their spiralling running; repair; and maintenance costs.

We acknowledge many Cathedrals and Churches are under significant financial pressure, with funding either cut, unavailable or difficult to obtain, it is vital to ensure funding is reliable, consistent and appropriate. Life Treasury also brings new communities into the buildings and encouraging generational connections, preserving the future of the building and not just the present.  

We strongly believe in protecting the UK’s heritage, and feel Life Treasury is a key to funding the buildings in need of both current and future funding. 

Protecting, Connecting, Safeguarding



Why Life Treasury could work for you

  • Significant fund-raising from Life Treasury; long-term and recurring

  • Local and national awareness; increased engagement with the community and encourages inclusion of current and future generations

  • Additional donations and ‘legacy giving’ due to increased engagement

  • Offering a modern 21st Century solution to population requirements

  • Zero financial investment or outlay required

  • Increasing footfall whilst creating a community space

  • Reduces requirement for other fund-raising measures such as admission fees (which could potentially discourage visitors)



A unique offering for your community

  • A respectful and meaningful setting

  • A unique and beautiful memorial that hasn’t previously been offered

  • Allowing families to tell their loved one’s story

  • Assisting with the grieving process

  • More cost effective than a traditional burial

  • Long-term certainty

  • Providing a focal point for those bereaved and needing a place to reflect and remember.


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